8 Best Panda Wallet Phone Case in 2022

I love collecting everything about pandas—for example, notebooks, stuff toys, watches, or even phone cases! Sadly, back in the days, there were not many options or choices.

So, why not make these choices of some use today?

In this article, I am going to list some panda wallet phone case designs that are very close to my heart for two reasons:

Number 1: They help to organize small things, cards, and cash; Number 2: they are customized with cute little panda faces on them. Isn’t it a reason for them to be my favorites? Panda lovers can relate!

Let’s dive into the products and see what they offer for panda lovers:

Panda Wallet Phone Case for Apple iPhone

By: Aiyze

Panda Wallet Phone Case for Apple iPhone

What do we look for in a phone cover normally? It’s the protection and ability to carry a number of other things, you can relate!

This Aiyze wallet case for iPhones is a perfect option in that case. It is a leather wallet in very nice galaxy texture in a blend of colors such as pinks, purples, blues.

The color scheme makes it very girly and attractive. The cover’s top has a giant panda printed on it – which totally complements our panda fever.

What makes this wallet case one of the best choices is the folio cover that allows the phone to come in a standing position. This is so good to watch videos in a free-hand mode.

There is a detachable wrist strap to carry the case safely without having to hold it in your hands when need be. Moreover, it is super compatible with a number of iPhones such as iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, etc.

Why Do I Love it?

  • Durable and long-lasting leather
  • The wallet material is skin-friendly
  • Wrist straps make it easier to carry around
  • Magnetic closure to keep things safe

What to Consider?

  • It should come for bigger sized phones as well
  • It has no options for boys

Cute Samsung Galaxy A11 Wallet Case

By: Leton-US

Cute Samsung Galaxy A11 Wallet Case

This silicon case is the minimal choice for a panda lover, and I really loved the whole feel of it. It comes in black color which makes it equally well and interesting for both boys and girls.

This cute wallet case is specifically made for Samsung Galaxy A11 and has a camera slit, flashlight opening, and fingerprint scanning slit at the back. 

There is a wrist strap at one corner to make sure that it stays in your hand. You can wash it or wipe it in case if something spills on it.

I personally liked this phone cover because of its flexibility that good quality silicon provided it. Additionally, it has a very good shock-absorbing capability to makes it super easy to carry around in your college, university, or to a bus as well. 

Why Do I Love it?

  • The minimal design and feel is very satisfying
  • The cover is very good for shock-absorbing
  • The black cover is not prone to getting dirty easily
  • The wrist strap is a very good option to carry it.

What to Consider?

  • You can’t carry your cards or license in it
  • It does not protect the phone screen
  • It is only available for one model of the Samsung Galaxy.

Wallet iPhone Case


Isadenser Case is a savior for all of you out there who have iPhones in Plus variants. You can have this phone case to carry everything in one wallet – and that includes your phone, business cards, ID, your driving license, and credit cards too.

It comes in a light baby pink color with a cute and very happy panda printed on its front.

This iPhone case is compatible with iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7 plus. It is made of high-quality PU leather, which is very light in weight and protects your phone from scratches, bumps, and dust.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who has really good aesthetics. I like this one because you don’t have to carry multiple wallets or pouches to carry your stuff.

There is another surprise here for you! The phone wallet case includes a stylus pen for free!

Why Do I Love it?

  • The material is safe and protective
  • The side strap makes it easier to carry
  • There is a complementary stylus with it
  • There is a magnetic closure to keep things safe

What to Consider?

  • It is only compatible with iPhone 7 and 8 plus
  • This is not a good choice for boys

Japanese Panda Wallet

By: YoutyCo

Japanese Panda Wallet

The Japanese panda wallet in white color comes in fine PU leather with a durable and long-lasting TPU inner case.

This wallet has a magnetic closure to provide full protection to your phone. Moreover, the top cover totally surrounds the phone, and the chances of screen damage are fairly eradicated. 

On the inside, there are two slots to carry your important things such as your ID, driving license, credit cards, and some cash. It is a perfectly minimal design to organize things at hand.

Hence, if you are on the go and you need to carry important things only, this must be the choice!  Moreover, it has the option to make your phone stand in it while watching videos, while your hands are free.

The best thing about this cover is that it is compatible with a number of phones. Moreover, you can have it customized with any design, pattern, or color. So, it is giving you the options that I personally didn’t have back in the past. The cover goes for different variants and models of Motorola, OnePlus, and LG.

Why Do I Love it?

  • The materials are long-lasting and durable.
  • The wallet has a magnetic closure to keep things safe
  • The additional slots can carry cards easily
  • It can be washed or wiped easily

What to Consider?

  • The custom design can show some variations in colors
  • There had to be some more slots to carry things

Panda Wallet Case

By: SiamParagonCase

Panda Wallet Case

This panda wallet pretty much looks like a cute little notebook on the outside. The outer design has all of it covered with cute panda-faced patterns in black and white color.

It looks very simple and aesthetic. It is made from good quality leather which is very easy to clean and wash.

The inside of the wallet has different slots to carry cards, ID, and license. You can keep the phone in one flap and other things in the opposite flap. It has an opening at the back to adjust your phone’s camera. The best thing about this wallet case is its compatibility with different variants and models of the iPhone, Samsung S, and Note series. 

Additionally, you can get the case customized according to the model of your phone. Since they make covers in practically ANY size, this is a very good option. 

Why Do I Love it?

  • The design is very smart and sleek
  • It is made from leather which is easy to clean
  • There are a number of slots to carry things
  • The magnetic closure closes it firmly

What to Consider?

  • There is no wrist strap to hang around the wrist for safety.

Unique Panda Wallet Case

By: HarryDesign

Unique Panda Wallet Case

Well, this is the unique phone cover I have come across till date. The printing is super admiring with some super cool and unique designs.

One thing is that it can be customized as per your choices. The second is, its original design is very cute! It is made of good quality leather and has a magnetic closure.

Speaking of its pattern, I must say that it’s a very different one with the newspaper design as a back. It has cute pandas printed on it to make it good for panda lovers like us. The sides of this cover are transparent, which makes it really different than the rest of the wallet cases.

The inside of one flap has several slots to carry your cards, ID, license, and also some cash if you want. The edges are rounded to preserve its shape and to make sure that it goes a long way without any scratches on the cover as well as on the phone. Moreover, it is practically available for all phone types because of its ability to be customized.

Why Do I Love it?

  • The design is unique and attractive.
  • It is one solution to carry all things
  • The design is very sleek and lightweight
  • The magnetic closure gives it a modern look

What to Consider?

  • The single flap is not enough to carry everything.

Cute Panda Design Phone Cover

By: URcase

Cute Panda Design Phone Cover

This wallet cover is super cute and funky in different colors and patterns. The cute panda is printed on its fronts in different moods to suit your preferences. The colors are very bright, attractive, and appealing. It is a handmade cover made of faux leather, fabric, suede, and TPU, which looks super attractive and lustrous.

This panda wallet phone cover is available for many phone devices of iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia, and LG. It has a magnetic closure that makes it safe to carry around. Moreover, the case is very good protection against jerks and damages. The best thing is that the wallet cover protects the front screen of the phone as well.

Why Do I Love it?

  • It is light in weight
  • The case looks super cute to carry
  • The colors are very bright and attractive
  • It protects the phone from damage

What to Consider?

  • There is no wrist strap to safely hand it around the wrist

Magnetic Leather Wallet

By: madebywhiteau

Magnetic Leather Wallet

This leather wallet is built for different variants and models of the iPhone. It has different panda-faced patterns in different colors and shapes.

One flap of the model has different slots to carry things such as cards, licenses, IDs, and other small paper things. The other flap has the phone containing a slot. 

The back of the wallet case has a slit for the camera. It is a very simple and minimal design with no pockets or buttons whatsoever.

Why Do I Love it?

  • Minimalist design
  • It can be used for a lot of iPhone variants
  • There are sufficient slots to carry things
  • It has an internal magnetic closure system to keep things safe

What to Consider?

  • There is no protection from sides
  • The closure system is not very embracing for the phone

Are panda wallet phone cases good?

The panda wallet phone covers are really good with simple and minimal designs and some complex ones. Many of these wallet phone covers have different slots to carry important things. The magnetic closures also make them a very good choice for the sake of protection to the good inside. I personally liked all of them very much!

What are the different phone case materials?

There are different materials in which the phone cases usually come, such as PU leather, faux leather, TPU, and silicon, etc. Most of these materials are skin-friendly that makes the phone cases really good to carry around. 

Final Thoughts

All the cute panda wallet phone case covers are pretty exciting with unique and different styles. Moreover, they are customizable as per your desires and requirements.

I like all of them because of the different reasons that I have mentioned in the article with each product. So, if any of the vibes match yours, don’t hesitate to get them.