9 Panda Pencil Case that You Must See in 2022!

If you love using pens, markers or highlighters, carrying them in your bag could be messy. You may need a pencil case to keep it organized. A pencil case that is functional, yet cute. How about a panda pencil case?

I have tested the 9 best panda pencil cases that you might be interested in. Let’s go and check them out!

9 Cutest Panda Pencil Case on Etsy

1. Mr. Ellie Pooh Fabric Cotton Handmade Panda Pencil Case

By: MrElliePooh

No kidding, this is one of the best pencil cases you’ll ever see in 2021. Handmade from 100% cotton with sizes 3.94″ ×1.77″ ×1.18″ (10cm× 4.5cm× 3cm), your kids will surely appreciate this panda pencil case. 

And yes, the pencil case is safe for your kids too as its fabric was colored with eco-friendly, PCP tested, and AZO-free dyes. 

Another interesting thing about this case is that it is affordable and has a panda design you would continue to admire for a long time, trust me.

Why Do I Love It?

  • It is safe for kids
  • Affordable
  • It can fit into small bags
  • Shipping is fast

What To Consider

  • Delivery to some countries are restricted

2. Essential Bag with Black and White Bear Print

By: VonFrida

There’s something amazing and attractive about this handmade panda pouch that will make you love it. Made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 8.66″ ×6.30″(22cm× 16cm), you can just hold it in your hands like a fashion purse.

No doubt, this is the perfect pouch to keep your phone, pencils, pen, lipstick, earphones, ID card and other basic stuff. 

With the panda design all over the pouch, you should consider presenting it as a gift to your loved ones. They’ll definitely appreciate the kind gesture.

Why Do I Like It?

  • It is made from cotton; a lightweight material
  • Gift wrapping is available
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted

What To Consider

  • Extra fees for delivery may apply

3. Personalized Print Name Panda Reading Zippered Pencil Bag

By: InspiredQuips

Personalized Print Name Panda Reading Zippered Pencil Bag

Have you been thinking of getting a personalized panda bag? Then, you are in luck! Do not think twice about buying this cute panda pencil case with your name printed on it. All you have to do is enter the name you want in the space provided and wait for a while.

On the other hand, you can give your friends or lover this panda case as a special gift. I’m sure they will continue to show their appreciation by words and actions.

Why Do I Like It?

  • It can be personalized
  • Perfect as a gift item
  • Items can be washed in the machine

What To Consider

  • Delivery takes time
  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted

4. Panda- Back to School Zippered Case- Pencil Case

By: Kawaeek

Surprise your friends who love pandas with this lovely handmade zippered pencil pouch and observe their facial expressions. The case is made from 100% cotton, has a detachable tassel pull and a cotton liner. 

It is also long-lasting, which means you won’t be buying another one soon. Lest I forget, it is also cheap too. 

And also, it comes in three sizes; 7.87″ ×5.90″(20cm× 15cm), 4.33″ ×3.94″ (11cm× 10cm), and pouch sets. But you are free to order a different size if you wish to by clicking on “Request Custom Listing”. 

Believe me, you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for in a pencil case and more in this panda case. 

Why Do I Like It?

  • Made from 100% cotton that is lightweight
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Tassel pull is detachable
  •  Returns and exchanges are accepted

What To Consider

  • Needs to pay a small shipping fee
  • Print placement varies 

5. Personalized Panda Pencil Box

By: FourChickadeesDesign

Show off your personalized panda pencil box to friends in school and they’ll want one too. It comes in different colors and can also be customized with your name. Besides, you should plan to buy this item for your kids and they’ll love it.

This pencil box is 3.15″ ×1.97″ (8cm× 5cm), which makes it perfect for keeping other small items. 

To order this item, choose the color and name you want in the space provided. Wait for 3 to 5 days to get your product. 

Why Do I Like It?

  • It can be personalized
  • Comes in different colors
  • Made from plastic to ensure durability and resistance to water

What To Consider

  • Exchanges and returns are not accepted for personalized items
  • There’s an additional fee for delivery

6. Panda Bear Limited Edition Designer Pencil Case

Panda Bear Limited Edition Designer Pencil Case

Looking at the images of pandas sleeping, and eating bamboo is not something you see every day on pencil cases. But this special item gives you the chance to see your favourite panda design. 

Its inward part is lined with cotton fabric while the outer part is made with half Panama, which makes it useful for a long time. 

There are enough spaces to keep other essentials as its size comes at 9.06″ ×4.92″ ×1.57″(23cm×12cm× 4cm) when full. So, what are you still waiting for?

Why Do I Like It?

  • It has a lovely panda design
  • Each pencil case is printed to a commercial color
  • Comes in a moderate size
  • Fully lined with soft cotton 
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted

What To Consider

  • Local taxes may be included in the price 

7. Trash Panda Raccoon Print Bag

By: Speakeasy

Keep your pencils, pens, and other writing tools at reach with this cute panda pouch. With this pencil case, you can have an enjoyable moment as a student, artist, teacher, and panda lover.

It is made from 100% cotton, comes in 8″ ×6″ (20.32cm×15.24cm)and has a metal zipper. You can also give the panda pencil case as a gift to your close friends and family.

Why Do I Like It?

  • Gift wrapping available
  • Has a cotton linen
  • Comes with a metal zipper
  • Perfect for several small items
  • Fast delivery
  • Affordable

What To Consider

  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted 
  • Delivery is restricted to certain locations

8. Panda Pouch Cute Panda Pencil Case

By: Nemki

Whether you are a student, just love drawing, or a freelance writer, this is the perfect panda pencil case for you. It is made from 100% polyester and has a YKK metal zip to ensure your writing tools are safe and well organised.

This pencil case is available in two sizes; the small size comes in 9.05″ ×5.91″ (23cm× 15cm) while the large one comes in 12″ ×8.07″(30.5cm× 20.5cm). Whichever one you pick from the two is great as they both serve the same functions.

To ensure your case lasts long, don’t wash with a hard brush, just clean with a wet cloth.

Why Do I Like It?

  •  It is made from 100% polyester
  • Available in two sizes
  • Durable
  • Has a metal zip to ensure security
  • Delivery is free

What To Consider

  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted
  • Delivery may take five days

9. Panda Cosmetic Bag

By: clairdeluneusa

Panda Cosmetic Bag

Do you want an affordable, stylish personalized panda case? Then this is for you. It comes in 8″× 5″ (20.32cm×15.24cm) and is also handmade. Feel free to keep your pencils, pens, makeup, phones, diary and other necessary items in it. 

You can present the customized case as a birthday, or anniversary gift to your loved ones. They’ll be super excited and grateful.

Why Do I Like It?

  • It can be personalized
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted
  • Has enough space for other small items

What To Consider

  • There’s an additional cost of delivery

Where to Buy Pencil Cases

There are several online platforms to buy pencil cases. But the best places to buy these items online are Amazon and Etsy. 

To get your product as fast as possible, Amazon is the best online marketplace for you. They have excellent customer service and you can get your money back if the item(s) is not satisfactory. 

Just like Amazon, Etsy is another great online marketplace to buy your Items. Most sellers on this platform are small business owners who sell unique, handmade items. It means you can pick the items of your choice from different sources, especially if you love handmade products.

Buying products from Amazon and Etsy is a decision you wouldn’t regret. 

How To Clean Pencil Case

There’s no effective way to prevent the buildup of ink, lead, and unpleasant odour in the pencil case. However, cleaning the item regularly ensures it lasts long and looks just like new. Guess what? It doesn’t require much of your time and energy.

Here are the steps to clean your pencil case;

  • Mix mild detergent in a bowl of warm water
  • Soak the pencil case in the soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Scrub the case with a soft cloth to remove tough stains
  • Rinse off the soap from every part and squeeze to release all traces of soap
  • Hang in a high place to allow water to drip off it. Drying in the sun can leave its color faded.


Having a few of these 9 panda pencil cases should be your desire as a student, freelancer, artist, and professional. They are all affordable, stylish, of moderate sizes and easy to wash. 

After buying them for yourself, you should consider buying these cute panda pencil cases for the people you love.  Their reaction will be indescribable!

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