Are Bears Afraid of Fire? (7 Things You Should Know)

Have you ever wondered whether a bear can move away from the presence of fire? In this article, you will find out more about bears and fires. 

You will also understand the relationship between this animal and fire.

Here’s an overview:

Bears are not afraid of fire. Some bears may deliberately move closer to places with fire in search of food and warmth

In other cases, fire may attract other animals, and bears may use this as an advantage. Once other animals come closer, the bears may move closer to hunt them.

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Below are the in-depth relations between fire and different bears:

Are Grizzly Bears Afraid of Fire (In-Depth)

Photo of a massive fire that will scare a bear

NO, grizzly bears are not afraid of fire. But if the extent of the fire is quite large, these bears tend to run away. Despite this animal having a solid sense of boldness during threats, huge fires scare it a bit.

If you are camping and light up a small fire for protection, you may still get a grizzly bear attack. The small fire size tends to attract grizzly bears from a distance.

To protect against an attack from a grizzly bear, you may attempt to start a large fire.

Several studies about grizzly bears in British Columbia showed some possibilities. One of the possible factors is that grizzly bears are afraid of massive fires. British Columbia is a place that is prone to massive forest fires.

According to the study, grizzly bears around this place always tend to run away from places with large fires.

The grizzly bear is also scared of any place which shows signs of huge fire history.

Are Black Bears Afraid of Fire?

No, black bears are not afraid of fire. The curiosity of these mammals makes them get closer to fires to see what’s going on.

Black bears love approaching campfires due to the smell of the fumes. In some cases, many black bears may be afraid of fires. The fear of a black bear toward fire may only come due to lousy fire experiences in the past.

The most common experience that may make black bears afraid of fire is being burnt in the past.

Large fires may tend to keep out black bears in some situations. If a campfire is huge and under control, black bears may tend to keep away. If the fire is inconsistent black bears may approach.

Are Polar Bears Afraid of Fire?

Polar bears are not afraid of fire. Polar bears are bold and will try to get closer to all kinds of fires, even massive forest blazes.

Most campsite fires also tend to attract polar bears instead of scaring them away.

The urge that polar bears have when it comes to the search for food overpowers the threat that they may face from wildfires.

Why Bears Are Not Afraid of Fire

Most bears are not afraid of fire due to several factors. Below are the 3 main reasons bears are not afraid of fire:

Fire May Attract Bears

Instead of scaring them, fire may attract bears. The bears may come closer to small fires like the camping fire. In most cases, these bears come near the fire with the thought that there is the presence of food.

Smoke Brings Bears Closer

Smoke coming from wood

Different kinds of odors are prone to attracting bears. Because of the smell, smoke from burning wood may bring bears near. Bears usually follow the smoke in search of food.

In most cases, the bears usually tend to move closer to the direction of fire since there might be the presence of food.

Bears Have High Tolerance to Pain

Unlike most other animals in the wild, most kinds of bears usually have a very high pain tolerance level. The high pain tolerance makes bears have very little fear of any kind of flames.

The Sound of Fire Attracts Bears

The natural cracking sound of fire as wood burns down tends to bring bears closer. The cracking sound of fire makes it easy for bears to find mates, especially during the mating season.

Once there is a fire in a particular location, the female and male bears will move towards that location, making it easy for them to mate.

Encountering a Bear in Camping (What to Do)

In case you get to encounter a bear while camping, there are several things that you may do to protect yourself. The defense mechanisms that you choose to use depend on the situation.

Below are the main things to do in case of a bear attack depending on certain situations:

If a Bear Approaches You

  • Stand still and be bold
  • Back away only if the bear stops coming closer
  • Raise your arms and jacket to appear bigger and scare it
  • Loudly yell, “Hey bear!”
  • Spray the bear using the bear spray in case you have it closer

If the Bear Follows You

  • Stay still
  • Make some form of noise to scare the bear away
  • Keep staying together

If the Bear Charges at You

  • Maintain calmness
  • Stay still
  • In case you have the bear spray, spray it directly toward it

What are Bears Afraid of?

Despite these animals being so bold, there are several things that all bears don’t like. Below are the main things that bears are afraid of:

  • Bears are afraid of humans since they know that humans may have weapons like guns.
  • Bees are a threat to bears.
  • Bears do not like too much noise in their surroundings.

Can You Use Firecrackers to Scare Bears?

Using a firecrackers to scare a bear

You may drive away bears using firecrackers due to the aggressive cracking noise. Bears do not like a lot of noise, so they permanently move away from firecrackers.

Final Thoughts

Bears are not afraid of fire; in most cases, the fire attracts them closer. All kinds of bears fear a few factors, including loud noises. Using the points in this article, you may keep bears at a distance from your campsite.

In case a bear attacks you, make sure you remain bold and stay still. These two moves help and are the main ones for defending yourself from bears.

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