7 Best Giant Panda Slippers for Babies in 2022

Are your babies fond of cute pandas? Do you want to surprise them by getting some cute giant panda slippers for babies? Well, we got you covered! 

These slippers are not only super comfortable but also contain lot’s of emotions and of course, your child’s favorite animal: Panda! I have compiled a list of the 7 best giant panda slippers for babies exclusively for you. So, let the fun times begin! 

Baby Slippers Panda Non-slip Soles

By: RoselyFrance

Baby Slippers Panda non-slip soles

The first slippers on our list are extremely cute and cozy! These are light gray in color. A beige colored woven cotton is their manufacturing material. Moreover, the inside is made with white cotton, along with OEKO-TEX, a material which guarantees that there are no harmful substances present. Also, the best part is that if you want to replace the cotton interior with a soft, warm fleece, that can be done on request as well. 

They are handmade, and therefore, we can ensure their proper quality. Moreover, the fabric used is skin-friendly for your baby, and he will feel comfortable wearing them. The slippers are available in different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your baby’s size.

Why Do I Love It?

  • The ankles are elastic and conform to the shape of each tiny foot
  • The soles are non-slippery
  • Washing machine friendly

What to consider?

  • The sewed waist might irritate children

Panda Rolling Crib Shoes

By: DesertGreenHC

Panda Rolling Crib Shoes

These panda shoes for babies are patterned into some cool tones of gray and black – with a little transitional color like green. They are super comfortable slip-on for kids. Additionally, these shoes are made of flannel and cotton, and the fact that they are handmade is the reason what makes them so comfortable. 

Besides, if your kid is ready to take his first steps, these shoes are the best. They have anti-slip soles that allow your child to move around freely. However, the sole is soft and doesn’t press hard on the baby’s foot. Therefore, he feels extremely comfortable, and his movements are not affected. 

Why Do I Love It?

  • These slippers have soft soles
  • Anti-slipping soles to prevent children from slipping
  • Easily washable in a washing machine

What to consider?

  • The waist might put elastic marks on kid’s legs

Knitted Panda Slippers

By: WarmGiftsByOksana

Knitted Panda Slippers

Knitted pair of shoes is something that everyone wants for their little ones. They are handmade with acrylic, wool, and lots of love to keep your baby healthy and smiling. Moreover, the wool and acrylics keep the baby warm on winter days.

The slippers are white in color with black edges that knit finely to enhance the look of the shoes. On the upper side, the knitted panda face makes the slippers look more adorable. You have to be a little careful while washing these cute knitted slippers. We only cold washing to keep the acrylic and wool fibers safe and intact.

Why Do I Love It?

  • The knitted design looks lovely
  • Keeps the baby warm
  • Perfectly fits your baby’s feet

What to consider?

  • Not safe for washing in warm water
  • Do not have anti-slip soles

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

By: ebooba

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Coming in two different tones of purple, they are made of different leather types. The slippers have a cute panda face pasted on their front. The leather used in the making of these baby slippers is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Besides, they are customized to make whatever sizes, colors, and styles you want them in.

The leather material may not be very flexible for the kids, but it will definitely provide protection to his delicate feet. These soft leather baby shoes have an elastic waist to ensure that they do not fall off your kid’s feet. You can get a leather or a suede sole, depending on your preference, that you can definitely convey!

Why Do I Love It?

  • The leather material used is soft
  • The material is non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Different soles types are available
  • Gives protection to your baby’s little feet

What to Consider?

  • Can’t be washed in the washing machine

Pink Panda Baby Slippers

By: RoselyFrance

Pink panda baby slippers

These baby slippers are handcrafted and are of superior quality. Additionally, the cotton material is gentle on your baby’s feet, ensuring that he feels secure while wearing them. 

The pink panda baby slippers come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your infant. They come in light grey color with a cute panda face on top, which can slip on and off quite easily.

The interior is has a lining of pink cotton and is certified by OEKO-TEX as being free of toxic substances. Since they are handmade, no harsh fiber is used in manufacturing them. The sole is totally non-slip to help your kid take his or her first steps without any fears!

What do I like?

  • The ankles are stretchy and adapt to the outline of each tiny foot.
  • Possess non-slip soles
  • Washable in the washing machine

What to consider?

  • The elastic band may be irritating for the kid

Children Panda Slippers

By: TheSofties

Children panda slippers

This pair of slippers is super adorable and stylish because of the panda ears that stick out on the shoes. They are in a perfect combination of black and white and are made from high-quality cotton and linen. 

The lining of soft flannel adds to the durability of these slippers. Additionally, the soft elastic behind the ankle makes sure that the shoe does not fall off your kid’s feet.

These are handcrafted shoes and are very soft and gentle on the skin. They come in 9 different sizes giving you the opportunity to find your kid a perfect match. The sole is non-slip, and waterproof giving your kid more flexibility of movement.

Why Do I Love It?

  • The style is unique and cute
  • Non-toxic materials
  • The sole is waterproof and non-slipping

What to consider?

  • Can’t be washed in warm water with phosphate-containing soap
  • The elastic behind the ankles might not be comfortable 

Grey Feather Panda Moccasins

By: littleclotheshouse

Grey Feather Panda Moccasins

These pretty little moccasins are knitted from organic jersey, which is super comfy to wear! They are a contemporary pattern of a panda with feathers on a grey base. The jersey makes it super soft, and the organic cotton and bamboo fabric inside is best for absorbing any moisture. This keeps your baby’s feet fresh – and thus saves him from any irritation or rash.

These shoes are equally good for girls and boys. Moreover, no harsh dyes or fabrics are used. So, you have nothing to worry about! The best thing about these slippers is that they give you an option to choose the sole. You can get soft jersey, natural faux suede, and vegan imitation leather sole for your little one’s shoes.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Very soft and comfortable to wear
  • Absorbs moisture efficiently
  • You can choose the sole yourself
  • There are no harsh dyes or materials present

What to consider?

  • The sole can be slippery
  • Jersey is more prone to getting fabric nap

How Many Panda Slippers Should I Buy for My Baby?

When it comes to daily shoes, children need to have at least one comfortable pair for daily activities. As long as the shoe is helpful and comes in the right size, your child would be great. However, you can definitely get a few others to match with your child’s clothes or for special events.

Where Should I Buy Panda Slippers?

There are many online stores where you can buy the best giant panda slippers for babies, such as Amazon, eBay, Joom, Aliexpress, and others. However, in my opinion, I personally like ETSY.com the most.

This is because of ETSY’s user-friendly interface through which you can exactly find what you are looking for. In addition to that, ETSY has handcrafted and vintage products that are extremely unique, unlike any other online marketplace! 


Your little one’s delicate feet definitely deserve the best that one could offer. Therefore, you must go for some soft and comfortable giant panda slippers for babies that do not trouble them.

Some of the pairs of slippers we discussed in this article are pretty comfortable, and cute if not anything more. You can definitely try one of these for your kid! 

If you are a panda lover and want different panda things such as phone cases, onesies, or something else, do check out our reviews and find out some of the best stuff.