Are Red Pandas Native to Canada? (6 Zoos You Must Visit!)

After watching Turning Red, the Canadian movie, you may wonder whether these mammals are native to this country.

Here’s what you need to know:

No, red pandas are not native to Canada. These mammals originated from the Himalayan region in Asia. However, you can spot red pandas in different parks and zoos in Canada.

Canada has invested a lot in conserving red pandas. People can visit several destinations and enjoy the spectacular view of red pandas.

Diving deeper:

6 Places To Visit Red Pandas in Canada

Below are the top places that you can visit to see red pandas in Canada:

  1. Toronto zoo
  2. Great Vancouver zoo
  3. Edmonton valley zoo
  4. Calgary zoo
  5. Cherry Brook zoo
  6. British Columbia Wildlife Park

Toronto Zoo

This zoo is among the biggest zoos in Canada. The zoo spreads across 287 hectares (710 acres) of land.

A beautiful landscape and a valley add a more beautiful picture to this destination. The Toronto zoo hosts 5000 animals.

This total number of animals in one zoo proves to be quite large. Among the most common species of animals in this zoo are red pandas.

Walking through the Tundra Trek and other zoo sections, you can see red pandas. Most visitors to this park visit because they want a closer view of red pandas.

Even though the Toronto Zoo allows people to get close to red pandas, they don’t allow petting.

This zoo works to help in conserving the well-being of red pandas. Therefore, the zoo’s management considers the domestication of red pandas illegal.

The most common red pandas that you may see in the Toronto zoo are

  • Adira: While at this zoo, you can easily see Adira. This red panda is always playful. Even her name means strong. Adira was born in Toronto zoo, but her parents were from China.
  • Scarlet: This red panda is among the most cheerful in the zoo. Scarlet previously lived in the Himalayan region before captivity.

Find out more about Toronto Zoo and their red pandas on their website!

The Great Vancouver Zoo

When it comes to the top zoos in Canada, Vancouver zoo directly falls in the bracket. This zoo lies on 48 hectares (120 acres) of land, which is quite large.

This valley is home to more than 140 species of animals.

Most of the animals in this zoo were previously orphans or in danger. This factor makes the Great Vancouver zoo interesting.

Some of the most iconic animals in this zoo are red pandas.

Some of the most common red pandas in the Vancouver zoo are

  • Sakura: This red panda was born in the great Vancouver zoo in 2022. Sakura is mostly active and loves sweet food. Due to her appetite, she currently weighs around 26.4 pounds (12 kilograms).
  • Arun: This red panda is a twin to Sakura, and they were both born in this zoo. Unlike Sakura, Arun is less active. However, you can still see Arun when you visit the zoo since she doesn’t shy away.

Find out more about Great Vancouver Zoo and its red pandas on their website!

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton zoo is a little smaller than most other zoos in Canada. This zoo is home to many animals despite lying on a smaller land.

There are over 350 exotic and native animals in this zoo. These animals represent about 100 species.

In Edmonton zoo, red pandas are among the animals that attract a lot of people.

The management of this zoo allows visitors to get close to the red pandas. However, they do not allow the petting of these mammals.

Some of the red pandas that you can come across in Edmonton Valley zoo are:

  • Koko: This red panda is one of the most active in the zoo. Koko was born in captivity but not in Edmonton zoo. He came from Tokuyama zoo in Japan, where he was born. Koko is friendly, and you can interact with him easily.
  • Lala: Like Koko, Lala is relatively active. This red panda was born in Tokuyama zoo in Japan. Zoo keepers brought him to Edmonton with Koko. This red panda weighs 24.9 pounds (11.3 kilograms).

Find out more about Edmonton Valley Zoo and their red pandas on their website!

Calgary Zoo

This zoo is at St. George’s Island on the Bow river. The location of this zoo proves to be unique.

The visitors can enjoy the feel of the natural environment alongside several animals.

A red panda eating leaves

Animals such as bears and wolves are in this zoo. The most interesting part is that Calgary zoo hosts red pandas.

You can come as close as you wish to the red pandas, but you can’t pet them. This zoo works to protect and conserve red pandas.

The most common red pandas in Calgary zoo are

  • Sundari: This red panda lived in Nepal. Sundari means beautiful in Nepali. This name defines the beauty of where it came from.
  • Ravi: At Calgari zoo, Ravi is among the most attractive animal. The zoo keepers brought this red panda from Nepali, just like Sundari. Ravi means sun, and people and the zoo official decided on this name.

Find out more about Calgary Zoo and their red pandas on their website!

Cherry Brook Zoo

This zoo proves to be so iconic because of the beautiful woodlands. Many exotic breeds and other endangered animals are here.

Some of the most common animals in the Cherry Brook zoo are snow leopards and Siberian tigers. The red pandas are also in this park and are among the animals attracting many visitors.

A red panda lying on a tree while eating some leaves

This zoo does not allow the domestication of red pandas due to conservation reasons.

Some of the most common red pandas in this zoo are

  • Ruby: This red panda was born in captivity, but her parents were previously from China. Ruby is iconic due to her attractive looks.

    This red panda weighs 22 pounds (10.2 kilograms).
  • Crimson: Like Ruby, Crimson was born in captivity at Cherry Brook zoo. This red panda is always shy and never likes many people around.

    However, she is active when feeding and weighs 26.4 pounds (12 kilograms).

Find out more about Cherry Brook Zoo and its red pandas on their Facebook page!

British Columbia Wildlife Park

When it comes to the most beautiful zoos in Canada, this one is among the top. This zoo also hosts the largest breeding facility in Canada.

This park has over 65 wildlife species, and red pandas are among the most iconic.

Like many other zoos, petting red pandas is illegal here. Although you can’t pet these adorable red pandas, you can still enjoy the view they bring.

Some of the most attractive red pandas at British Columbia Park are:

  • Raph: This red panda was born in this zoo, but her parents were previously from Nepal.

    Raph never likes being around people, but you can still spot him easily. Raph weighs 19.8 pounds (9 kilograms).
  • Ruphus: Just like Raph, Ruphus was also born in the zoo. He is a twin to Raph, making them have several similarities.

    Ruphus weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms), but his weight varies because of his feeding patterns.

Find out more about British Columbia Wildlife Park and their red pandas on their website!

Final Thoughts

It is easy to spot red pandas in different parts of Canada, but they are not native. Before breeding, zoo keepers get most of these red pandas from the Himalayan region.

Zoos such as Cherry Brook and Edmonton Valley provide people with the most attractive red pandas.

Professionals in Canadian zoos try their best to keep red pandas comfortable in captivity. However, some red pandas still manage to escape.

Here are the 7 most unforgettable red panda escapes to find out more.