Is Turning Red A Disney Movie? (4 Things You Should Know!)

You might have heard about the new movie “Turning Red” and you want to know if it’s a Disney movie. 

Hey…I’ve got the best news ever!

Quick answer – Yes! Turning Red Is A Disney Movie.

The animated fantasy comedy film “Turning Red” was produced by Pixar animation studio which is a subject of Walt Disney Studios, and therefore turning red is a Disney creation.

Let’s read this short story about Pixar and Disney.

In 2006, Walt Disney the owner of Disney studios announced the purchase of Pixar at a rate of $7.4 billion after so many years of collaboration.

The intention behind the selling of the Pixar studios to Disney was due to seek improvement and expansion.

This pursuit was a good thought by Steven Jobs the owner of Pixar.

Disney bought it and turned it into a great asset ever since its purchase. Therefore, any production out from the Pixar studio is a Disney handwork.

Now that you know that Turning Red is a Disney movie, you might want to know more about it. 

Let’s take a look at what this is all about.

About The Movie – Turning Red

Is Turning red a Disney movie?

This Disney creation “Turning Red” shows that puberty is one of the most interesting experiences humans are faced with. But it was something unimaginable for Meilin Lee, a lead character in the movie “turning red”.

She could not understand the trait of turning into a red panda each time she got emotional until the day she realized the same about her mother Ming, so she asked why?.

Ming gave her daughter Mei a true & sincere answer to the reason she turns into a giant red panda bear anytime she’s emotional or anxious about things.

You’d like to know Ming’s answer huh? 

Let’s read below to know more about this movie.

What is it for?

Turning Red tries to handle a relatable story of a girl child coming of age where she battles between being an obedient child and the new adolescent age.

The movie explains a child and mother’s relationship and also the Chinese myth that red pandas are signs of good luck, not fears.

Who are the characters?

Here’s a list of the characters and their voice actors in the movie turning red.

  • Meilin “Mei” Lee (Rosalie Chiang)

Mei is a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl who often turns into a giant red panda anytime she feels emotional, with regards to her forefather’s mystic relationship with red pandas. 

She’s the lead actor in the movie.

  • Ming Lee (Sandra Oh)

Ming is Mei’s rigid and overbearing mother. She is also a major factor in the movie.

  • Devon (Addie Chandler)

He is a local store assistant and Mei’s secret crush.

  • Priya Mangal (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan)

She’s one of Mei’s best friends who secretly crush on the band 4*Town.

  • Mr. Kieslowski (Sasha Roiz)

Kieslowski is Mei’s school teacher.

  • Stacy Frick (Lily Sanfelippo)

Stacy Frick is one of Mei’s classmates who usually sees her each time she turns into a red panda in the female restroom.

  • Robaire (Jordan Fisher)

Robaire is the chief singer of the boy 4*Town. He is the most known & outstanding member of the group.

  • Tyler Nguyen-Baker (Tristan Allerick Chen)

Tyler is the one that bullies Mei and her friends till they were close at the almighty 4-town show, only to end up hanging out and becoming friends with them.

  • Jin Lee (Orion Lee)

He’s Mei’s calm but unemotional father, who knows his daughter’s strange ability to turn into a red panda.

  • Abby (Hyein Park)

Abby is Mei’s most lively friend. Her cute nature, sincerity, and commitment to her friends are next to no other.

  • Miriam (Ava Morse)

Miriam is another of Mei’s close friends. Though she behaves like a boy, she always gets Mei’s back when her emotions take over her.

  • Jesse (FINNEAS)

He is one of the members of the band 4*TOWN.

  • Mr. Gao (James Hong)

A regular temple visitor with a kind heart who helps perform the ritual to catch the spirit of the panda.

  • Aaron Z. (Josh Levi)

Aaron Z. is recognized as the patient and greatest dancer among the boys in the band 4*town group.

  • Auntie Ping (Lillian Lim)

Ping is Mei’s aunt and Ming’s sister.

  • Aaron T. (Topher Ngo)

An energetic young fast-talking prankster of the 4*Town band usually calms situations down whenever problems arise in the group.

  • Auntie Chen (Lori Tan Chinn)

She is Mei’s first aunt.

  • Helen (Sherry Cola)

She’s their third aunt of Mie and a cousin of Ming

  • Lily (Mia Nagano)

Lily is Mie’s second aunt.

  • Tae Young (Grayson Villanueva)

He is the youngest fellow in the band 4*town.

  • Wu (Wai Ching Ho)

Wu is Mei’s tough grandmother who struggles to heal her red panda ability.

What are some lessons you can learn?

Turning red explains a real-life situation of growing up through the character “Mei”. 

Below are some lessons you can learn from the movie.

#1 Life can sometimes be embarrassing

In the movie, Mei’s mother would always announce her period in the cause of looking out for her; a very big embarrassment for her each time.

#2 You don’t have to fulfill the expectations of your parents.

Mei tried her best to be an obedient child, doing nothing outside her parents. if she had opened up to her mother earlier about her teenage confusion, she would have known that her mother was proud of her no matter what.

#3 Communicating your emotions Is healthy but can be dangerous. 

Life makes no sense without emotions (happiness, joy, sadness, anger, etc) hiding them will only make you unstable. However extreme expression of these emotions can be dangerous when they are not controlled. 

Mei’s consistent transition into a red giant panda is proof of her extreme expression of emotions.

Is Turning Red On Disney+

Yes, turning red is on Disney+.

Disney+ allows you to watch turning red using your phone, tablet, or computer.

It also gives you the chance to cast the movie on a TV screen using the Disney+ application on Apple TV, Fire TV Stick 4k, Roku, or any similar live video streaming gadget.

Is Turning Red About Puberty?

Yes! turning red is about puberty.

It rarely illustrates puberty by describing a teenage girl fighting the adolescent age, family and background expectations, and her ability to turn into a red panda when her emotions control her.

Truly, she undergoes a bodily transformation — but this usage in turning red is a metaphor clarifying her switch to a red panda when she’s emotional, not just menstruation.

Why Is Turning Red Inappropriate?

There have been a lot of arguments among parents and other watchers turning red as to why the movie is inappropriate.  

What are these arguments and why is the movie considered inappropriate?

Turning Red is inappropriate because of specific scenes and mature languages used in the movies.

Parents who have watched the movie with their younger ones say that the movie content is too mature for kids of younger age but might be okay for children who are aware of sex and periods. It wasn’t just an amusing “human turning into a panda” movie.

Others think that the movie encourages dishonesty, sneaking around and disobedience to parents; just the way Mei did to cope with her newfound life and her overbearing mother.

A 13-year-old kid could barely talk about boys but Mei’s conversation with her friends throughout the movie all centered on boys, particularly their obsession with boy band 4*town, this is an inappropriate theme.

Yes, Mei finally embraces her turning into a red panda bear as a gift, not a curse. 

This is a kudos to the movie but the statement “My Panda My Choice” in turning red tries to tell that a 13-year-old girl child can do anything she wants to do without her parents stopping her or affecting her decision which is untrue.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good one you’ve understood that turning red is a Disney movie.

And I’m sure you now know all about it (the characters, intent, lessons you can learn, etc). And yes it is on disney+, so you can stream online in your comfort.

The animation handles puberty in a good and non-obvious manner, so it requires lots of attention to point that out.

As Pixar’s latest comedy, it has succeeded in dishing out lots of value; especially to parents and teenage kids through relatable scenes. 

Nevertheless, there are still inappropriate features about it as mentioned in this article.

You might want to know more about red pandas, Click here to learn! 

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