Can Red Pandas Cry? (Explained with Videos!)

It is common for us to cry when we are sad or emotional. However, what about red pandas? Do they cry?

Here’s the quick answer

Yes, like us or any other animals, red pandas also cry by making a ‘wah’ sound. 

However, their cries are not like ours. They do not shed tears when they cry. 

Instead, they only make specific sounds to indicate anxiety, fear, or hunger. 

In this article, I will talk about how red pandas cry and why they do it. 

So, let’s start! 

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How Do Red Pandas Cry?

A Red Panda With Its Mouth Wide Open Making Crying Sounds

Red pandas cry by making a distinctive sound. This sound is like a person saying ‘wah’.  They keep on repeating the sound loudly to show they are in stress. 

Red pandas open their mouths when they cry which we also sometimes do. However, they hardly shed tears as we do. 

Why Do Red Pandas Cry?

Red pandas would cry to show signs of distress, especially if it is a baby panda. This helps draw attention to the mother panda. 

It is done so the mother can come and save the cub from any danger. 

Red pandas can also use grunting or hissing sounds while crying to scare off animals that appear as a threat to them. 

In addition, red pandas do not cry out of sadness as we do. Their cry is a reaction to danger (like predators) or stress (like hunger).

However, the red pandas do have distinctive tear marks on their faces that run between the eye to the edge of the mouth.

This tear mark is not really due to any tear, but essentially is the color patch of the fur that resembles a track of tears. 

The red panda has this adaptation to see better and keep the sunlight off its eyes.

Do Red Pandas Have Tear Ducts?

Close View of  a Red Pandas Facial Features

Like all mammals, red pandas also have tear ducts that produce tears. The duct opens to the inner corner of the eyelids. 

It is connected to the lacrimal or tear sacs that are situated on the sides of the nose.

The tear ducts have evolved for the purpose of keeping the eyes moist and frequently clean of any germs or dust to prevent eye infections. 

Unlike us, the tear ducts do not produce tears when the red panda is distressed. The tear is produced when the surface of the eyes of a panda becomes dry or dirty.

Videos Of Red Pandas Crying

A crying red panda really does not appear to be sad from the expression and its behavior also remains unchanged. So, it is often difficult to say whether the red panda is really crying.

Below are two videos of red pandas crying:

Video #1:

In this video, a red panda makes crying sounds while playing roughly with another red panda.

Video #2:

In this video, the baby red panda can be heard making a “squeaking” sound, probably indicating that it is hungry.

Video #3:

In this video, a red panda is moving near its nest and trying to climb up the nest. It is crying when it is unable to do so.

Gif Of Pandas Crying

This Gif shows an irritated and stressed-out red panda. The panda is most probably sad and about to cry. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have learned that red pandas do cry. When red pandas cry, they make a distinctive ‘wah’ sound.

The cry of the red panda is mainly to show fear, anger, anxiety, or hunger. Unlike us, they rarely shed tears when they cry.

However, they do produce tears, as they have tear ducts like most mammals. But its function is to protect and clean the eyes.

Wait, red pandas’ cries have a distinctive sound.  Similarly, they make other sounds! 

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