What is International Red Panda Day? [Explained]

Red pandas have a memorable day; the international red panda day. Of course, these creatures are still existing, so what’s it all about?

What exactly is International Red Panda Day?

The International Red Panda Day is a day set aside to honor the red pandas. Every year, the world celebrates these creatures on the 3rd Saturday of September. 

Interestingly, everyone can participate on this day. Many schools, zoos, and many panda organizations all celebrate this day. There are many ways people celebrate the red pandas on this day.

Now you know what the red panda day is all about, you might be wondering how it all started. Who founded this day and for what reasons?

This is why we will be discussing the history of Red Panda Day next and many more.

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History of Red Panda Day

International Red Panda Day - The Day We Celebrate Red Pandas

The Red panda day was made by the Red Panda Network in 2010. They made it to be on the 3rd Saturday of September every year. 

At the time it started, a few zoos and about 16 schools took part in doing many red panda stuff. However, over the years the number of zoos and schools that participate in red panda day has grown way bigger now. 

Even organizations that deal in animal conservation have a lot of red panda-related stuff they do on this day.

Now you know how it all began, you might want to know the reason for this day. Why do we celebrate International Red Panda Day?

Let’s discuss this next!

Why Do We Celebrate International Red Panda Day?

The International Red Panda Day is meant to make the existence of these creatures open to everyone. It helps to remind people of the need to protect them. 

On this day, the red pandas are celebrated as unique species, though threatened ones. 

This day is also meant to teach people all about these creatures – their lifestyle, habitats, and the dangers they face that have kept them in the state they are today. 

Fortunately, these cute creatures are not yet extinct but are only at risk. The Red Panda Day is an opportunity not just to inform a few people about red pandas but the world. 

This way, the world can know why they shouldn’t contribute to endangering these animals, but instead do positive things that’ll help keep them safe.

When is International Red Panda Day?

The international red panda day is on every “third Saturday of September”. This day changes as years go by.

In 2021, it happened on the 18th and by 2022 we’ll get to celebrate it on the 17th, which is the third Saturday of September 2022.

As of 2019, the red panda day was celebrated on the 21st of September. This was the third Saturday.

This day changed in 2020, as it was on the 19th   of September this time, but also on the third Saturday of September. 

What is Red Panda Day Known for?

Red panda day is just the same as lnternational Red Panda Day. It’s all about encouraging the survival of the red pandas. This day is known to expose a lot about them. 

It’s all about letting people see their value and reminding the world of the need to protect them. Red Panda Day is a special day where many can contribute to saving these creatures. 

Also, people can support the organizations and conservation centers around the world that work hard to protect and boost the population of these threatened species.

Is there a World Red Panda Day?

Yes! World Red panda day is commonly known as International Red Panda Day. This is a day when we recognize the red pandas globally. 

It’s a day that helps to teach and remind many of the existence of the red pandas. You can participate on this day to help spread the love of these creatures around the globe.

How Do People Celebrate Red Panda Day?

On red panda day, many conservation organizations, zoos, and schools around the world participate in many ways. You’ll see some zoos make presentations about red pandas to celebrate this day. 

Popular panda conservation centers, like the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas, visit schools in rural places around the red panda habitat. 

Interestingly, most communities in Nepal celebrate this day by holding competitions, and many other entertaining activities. 

Many organizations, especially conservation organizations, even hold events that expose the need to save the red panda to many people.

People also celebrate this day by taking part in red panda campaigns happening around their areas. 

A lovely way to also celebrate red panda day is by donating to Red Panda Network or WWF. These panda organizations work hard in protecting these creatures.

Moreover, if you have kids, you should teach them a lot about the red pandas. Let them know the value of these creatures in the world and why we should protect them. 

This is just a wonderful thing to do on this day if you have kids around as you’ll be helping pass the love of the red pandas down to generation.

In addition, you can make posts about these cute creatures on this day, especially images of red pandas with the tag – “international Red Panda Day”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Day is National Panda Day?

Giant Panda - Celebrated Creatures on the National Panda Day

National Panda Day is on the 16th of March every year. It’s a day when we celebrate the giant pandas. 

This day also has some other names like the Giant Panda Bear Day and also the simplest of them all, “Panda Day”. However, they celebrate the red pandas only a bit on this day, but it’s mainly for the bigger pandas. 

Red pandas have their own special day, the International Red Panda Day. On panda day, people learn many facts about giant pandas. 

It could be about their habitats, diet, population, and especially their conservation status as threatened species but at risk of becoming extinct.

You’ll see many panda lovers and panda organizations participating in different activities, which they dedicate to these cute panda bears.

What Does Red Panda Stand for?

Red Pandas - Creatures with Unique Qualities

Red pandas stand for peace, cooperation, and friendliness. It’s just rare to see them attacking people. 

These creatures also represent security and balance. There’s a lot about indifference and independence in these creatures too.

In addition, the red pandas are symbols of tree divination and tree wisdom.


The International Red Panda Day is a day set for celebrating only the red pandas. It comes about every 3rd Saturday of September every year. 

On this day, you can participate by going to visit these creatures if you have a nearby zoo that has red pandas in them.

Also, if you spot any campaign for the pandas going on around your area, feel free to join and help spread a lot about these creatures

As a red panda lover, you can help people around your area know the need to preserve these cute creatures. Just spread the love of the red pandas on this day! 

Moreover, we also recognize the bigger pandas, the giant pandas, on a special day. This is the 16th of March every year and it is known as Panda Day.

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