8 Trendiest Panda Backpacks for Girls in 2022

School backpacks are not necessarily for carrying just books, pens, pencils or a laptop. There’s more to it.  Who says a backpack cannot be trendy, simple and attractive? Of course, it can.

That’s why I searched online for the 8 trendiest panda backpacks for girls in 2021 just for you. Whatever you’ve been looking for in backpacks, you’ll definitely find them in these bags. 

I can assure you that all these panda bags are not only cute, trendy and comfortable, but they will also earn you compliments from everyone you come across. 

So girls, don’t worry! I bet you’ll like everything about these cool panda bags.

With that said, here are the 8 trendiest panda backpacks for girls in 2021.

1. Cute Cartoon Panda Backpack for Girls


Cute Cartoon Panda Backpack for Girls

Like me, I know you’ll love durable and stylish materials. This panda bag has more than that to offer. With its attractive colors and designs, you can present this backpack as a birthday, anniversary or valentine gift to your loved ones.

You don’t have to worry about the space to keep your books, laptop, phones, wallets, make-up kit and more. The panda bag is 11.5″×8″×15″ in size. It has 1 main bag, 1 front zipper pockets, 2 side bags, and 4 pockets. So, feel free to keep your stuff in the bag while going to school, travelling, shopping, cycling and so on.

One other thing you’ll like about this bag is the inside zipper pocket. You can keep your diary and other secret material in this space without fear. 

Due to its lightweight material, you will enjoy comfort while carrying this bag. Even if you fill the spaces up with all you need, the adorable bag will still fit perfectly on your back and shoulders. This means you don’t have to worry about having backaches and pains while carrying it. 

And yes, it is durable too. Keep in mind that you won’t be buying another bag for some time.

This cute and trendy panda backpack will attract people’s attention to you wherever you carry it.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Has several spaces
  • Lasts long due to its lightweight and quality material 
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Useful for all types of occasions
  • Perfect as a gift item
  • Returnable within 30 days of purchase

What To Consider

  • Delivery may take a long time
  • Shipping to other countries may attract additional fees

2. TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack for School Girls

By: HotStyle Store.

Galaxy Backpack for School Girls

With the cute panda design all over this bag, you’ll gain a compliment or two from friends and strangers. Not only is this panda bag adorable, but it is also suitable for girls of different ages. Besides, it has been designed to fit all body sizes, with adjustable straps.

There are enough spaces and pockets in the bag to allow you to keep everything you need conveniently. 

Remember what grandma says about maintaining an upright posture? While carrying this backpack, you don’t have to bend over because of excess load as it is made with a lightweight fabric. And it measures 16″ ×12″×6″, which means your back and shoulder comfort is assured. 

Also, the bag comes with a year warranty. If you notice something unusual, feel free to return it to the manufacturer as soon as possible.

I bet you’ll have your money’s worth and more if you buy this cute panda bag.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Comes with a year guarantee
  • Durable due to its strong stitching, solid lightweight material and padded shoulders
  • Suitable for multiple ages
  • Comfortable because of its lightweight material 

What To Consider

  • Product may not be available at all times
  • Delivery outside the USA may take some time

3. Animal School Bag, Teenagers Casual Daypack

By: HW

Animal School Bag, Teenagers Casual Daypack

Made from polyester and spacious, this adorable panda bag is all you need for school, shopping, travel, work or as a gift package.

The backpack is water-resistant due to its polyester material which means you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet and ruined. 

There’s enough space in the backpack to contain your laptop, books, 2 water bottles, cosmetics, and more. Surprisingly, it also comes with an earpiece hole/ USB charging. Isn’t this amazing?

This panda bag is also suitable for different ages and comfortable for the shoulder and back. Its sizes are 12.2″ ×17.3″× 7″.

Note that you won’t be buying another bag anytime soon as this backpack lasts long. 

With this panda backpack, you wouldn’t have any regrets, trust me.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Gift-wrap is available
  • Made from waterproof material
  • Has several compartments
  • Comes with an earpiece hole/ USB charging
  • Durable
  • Suitable for people of multiple ages
  • The product is returnable after purchase 

What To Consider

  • May have some smells during the first few days of delivery
  • The colour of backpack may be different from the one in the picture

Panda Backpacks On Etsy

4. Doodled Panda Backpack

By: ManateeGifts

Doodled Panda Backpack

Resume school in grand style with this lovely panda backpack. With the different compartments and pockets in the bag, you don’t have to stress over where to keep your laptop, cosmetics, books, phones and other necessities. 

During the rainy season, there’s no cause for alarm as this backpack is made with waterproof material. Be confident that all your materials will be protected from getting ruined with water.

The sizes of this bag are 16″×12″× 3″ with an adjustable strap that guarantees you won’t have back pains. It also has a large space for your laptop, and a secret pocket at the back to keep your “secret” stuff.

With the cute panda faces design all over the bag, you will earn a wink from your crush.

Why Do I Love It?

  • It is water-resistant
  • Has enough compartments
  • Comfortable at the back and shoulders
  • Has adjustable straps 

What To Consider

  • Item is created on demand and can take up to 10 days for shipping after purchase
  • International shipping may attract extra fees

5. Personalized Baby and Toddler Panda Backpack

By: Sonality

Personalized Baby and Toddler Panda Backpack

If you’ve always wanted a personalized item for your little girl, this panda bag is what you’ve been looking for. It can contain a lot of items and still fit perfectly on the back.

The sizes are 8.27″×11.02″× 3.94″ and it also has a handle and adjustable shoulder strap ensuring comfort.

To get this panda backpack personalized, all you need to do is choose a colour, font and add a name in the text box. And you are good to go.  

Looking at the panda prints all over the backpack will make you love it more.

Why Do I Love It?

  • It can be personalized 
  • Gift wrapping is available
  • Has a padded back to enable comfort
  • It is spacious
  • Affordable

What To Consider

  • Returns and exchanges after purchase will not be accepted
  • Delivery outside the United Kingdom may take a longer time

6. Diaper Bag Backpack Panda Hawaiian

By: KeAlohaDesignsHawaii

Diaper Bag Backpack Panda Hawaiian

No kidding, this is one of the best panda backpacks you’ll ever see. It is made from a smooth waterproof lightweight material and also easy to clean.

With enough space in this bag and 15.74″×10.23″×6.70″ size ,  you can keep your baby’s diaper and other necessities conveniently. Having all you need in a single place makes parenting easier.

Be assured that this panda bag is tear-resistant and gets stronger with regular use. 

Why Do I Love It?

  • Item is easy to clean 
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistance; withstands the effect of tearing 
  • The material gets stronger with regular use

What To Consider

  • Products purchased cannot be refunded or exchanged

7. Panda Zoo Hawaiian Travel Bag Pack

By: KeAlohaDesignsHawaii

Panda Zoo Hawaiian Travel Bag Pack

All you’ve been looking for in a bag is in this trendy panda bag. Not only is it easy to clean, but it is waterproof, durable, and tear-resistant. 

Also, it is large enough to hold whatever you need comfortably including your baby diapers.

Its lightweight material and size prevent your shoulder from getting sore after a long day.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Fabric is easy to clean
  • Has multiple pockets 
  • Material is waterproof
  • Made from lightweight material ensuring comfort

What To Consider

  • Products cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase

8. Panda Cute Pattern School Bag

By: Rabbit Paint

Panda Cute Pattern School Bag

Are you looking for a trendy bag with lots of space for your books and other basic things? This is the perfect bag for you. 

Made from 100% polyester with a size of 16.54″×12.21″×3.94″, there’s no way you wouldn’t like this bag.

It is also water-resistant, has a hidden pocket and an adjustable strap, which makes it great for all sizes. 

Why Do I Love It?

  • Water-resistant material
  • Has enough capacity
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • Has a laptop space

What To Consider

  • The colour of the item may be different from the one displayed
  • Delivery may take close to 10 days

How To Wash Your Panda School Backpack

Understand that all backpacks are made differently. It would be best you check the fabric label to determine the best way to clean your panda bags.

Step 1: Use a mild stain removal except for a bleaching agent for washing.

Step 2: To remove stubborn stains, you should soak the bag for an hour or two before washing. 

Note: Some bags can be washed in the washing machine while others can be washed with hands. Whether you want to wash with hands or with a washing machine, use a mild detergent, soft brush or sponge to get the stains out with lukewarm water.  

Step 3: After washing and rinsing, dry in the sun to get better results.

What To Pack in School Backpack

I’ll be listing out the items girls can pack in their school backpack since this article focuses on it.

Here is the list of items:

BooksPens and pencilsHairbrushTissues
LaptopFeminine productsTampons/sanitary padsPhone/Mp3
CosmeticsLotionCashWater bottle

What School Backpack Should I Get?

Before buying your school backpack, you need to consider some features. This will ensure you don’t have regrets after paying for it.

Here are the features you need to look for in your school backpacks;

• High-quality fabric that doesn’t tear, or fade quickly. (e.g polyester, leather, nylon)

• Laptop space

• Lightweight material

• Adjustable straps

• Separate spaces for different items

Each bag mentioned above has all these qualities. You should add a few of them to your bag collections.

Where To Buy School Backpack

You can buy the best school backpacks on Amazon and Etsy. If you need to get items as fast as possible, Amazon is the best online marketplace for you. They also have great customer service that provides solutions to your concerns. Compared to other online stores, you can get a refund of your money too. 

Etsy allows you to buy unique, handmade items of your choice. There are a lot of items to choose from out of the several goods available. With this, you are free to choose what you like, not what is available.

Both online stores are regulated and you won’t have any issues.


You’ve learned in this article the 8 trendiest panda backpacks for girls in 2021 that you can buy online.  

I’m sure you also learned how to wash panda school backpacks to ensure you don’t destroy the bag while trying to make it clean. 

I believe you now know the items to pack in your school backpack and the type of backpack you should get as listed in this article.

Finally, I’m sure you know Amazon and Etsy are the best online places to buy the best backpacks as many online vendors are selling the same.

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