Are There Giant Pandas in South Korea? (Must Read!)

Giant pandas are from China but you can still find them in several parts of Asia. Among many Asian countries, you might be thinking if there are giant pandas in South Korea.

Yes, there are giant pandas in South Korea. Presently, there are three giant pandas. Le Bao (father), Ai Bao (mother), and Fu Bao (female cub)

Both parents, Le Bao and Ai Bao, came to South Korea from China in 2016 on a 15-year loan agreement. 

At seven years of age, Ai Bao gave birth to Fu Bao. The cub was the first panda cub born in Korea and this has made her a very important panda in Korea.

In addition, South Korea has only one place where you can see giant pandas. This is the Everland Theme park (the largest theme park in South Korea). 

Everland’s Zootopia is the section for all animals in the park. However, giant pandas stay in the part known as the “panda world” in Zootopia. 

Let’s learn more about Fu Bao panda, the first panda born in South Korea.

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About Fu Bao Panda

Fu Boa is the first baby panda born in South Korea. The cub was born on the 20th of July 2020 in Everland Theme Park.

Fu Bao has become so popular as the first panda cub the country produced. Since her birth, she has been attracting many visitors to the park.

Her parents came from the Sichuan Dujiangyan Panda Habitat in China. It was after they came to Korea that they produced Fu Boa in 

At birth, Fu Boa was about 6.5 in (16.5 cm) in length. She also weighed 0.4 lbs. (0.2 kg). However, over the past few years, she has grown bigger and heavier pretty fast.

Just like every giant panda cub born anywhere aside from China, Fu Bao will have to be returned to China. There she will continue a Giant panda conservation program. 

However, this will happen only when she’s mature enough and able to take care of herself. Currently, Fu Bao has been learning a lot from her mom. 

Her climbing skills have and have improved so fast. A sign that she’s almost ready to be on her own.

How To Meet Giant Pandas In Korea

STEP 1: All you have to do is to visit the Everland Theme Park in South Korea. 

STEP 2: Afterward, you will have to buy a ticket to the park to visit the zoo section. 

Note: You can also get tickets online. This way, you can pick a specific date and time for the visit.

In addition, booking online tickets also save you the stress of waiting in line. This is more suitable for travelers.

STEP 3: Head over to the “Panda World” in the Zootopia section in the park.

This is the home of giant pandas at the Everland Theme Park.

Everland Theme Park Information:

Address: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do


How to Get to Everland Theme Park:

The choice depends on which part of South Korea you’re coming from. So, you might want to choose a suitable means to go to the park.

Here are some options below…

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are giant pandas in South Korea. There are three giant pandas presently in the zoo. They are Le Bao, Ai Bao, and Fu Bao.

Both Le Bao and Ai Bao came from China through Panda Diplomacy. It was in South Korea that they gave birth to their cub, Fu Bao.

This makes Fun Bao the first giant panda born in South Korea.

You’ll find them in the Panda World section of Everland Theme Park. We’ve provided a guideline to get there in this article.

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